Why People Choose Us

why people choose us

Effective Grade Booster One- on – one online Tutoring Pick your convenient time. Freedom to reschedule or cancel Subject Specialised Tutors Unlimited Worksheets Affordability at its best – starting at $14 per hour

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one–on–one online learning experience

Delightful one–on–one online learning experience. Affordability meets quality education.

Virtual Assistant Services

virtual assistance service

Virtual Assistance - Dedicated qualified and well experienced manpower support always at your reach.

Transcription Services

transcription services

Medical, Legal, Business Transcription services with high accuracy, quality and commitment.

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wizwhee about us
wizwhee about us

About Us

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At WizWhee, learning is a way of life. When the world is busy preaching globalization, we practice it. Knowledge transcends borders and unites mankind. At WizWhee, we strive for unity through education. In this pursuit for knowledge, WizWhee is your guide for life and we are always just a wink away. This is not a promise, it is our custom. Welcome to WizWhee – welcome to Digital Learning.

WizWhee has a different take on Online Tutoring. The one-on-one interactive sessions engages the student. At WizWhee we try to keep the fun factor alive in learning. WizWhee is primarily a digital learning platform providing consulting and outsourcing services worldwide. Our mission is to become an active contributor in the evolution of a peaceful and prosperous global community.

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